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Financial Resources


We are very happy to be working with you on your home remodeling project! It is such an exciting time for a homeowner. To insure that you have information available to make the best decisions for yourself and your home we have researched financing options from several sources and have compiled the information here as a resource for our clients. Please remember that these are simply financing or debt consolidation options for you to explore if you feel it would be helpful.

If you are interested, the financial consultants on the attached link are available to help you outline all of your options in detail. We met with representatives from several financing companies, and with this information we have determined which companies we feel will serve our clients with the same courtesy and dedication that we do. The companies and their representatives that we have decided to offer to you are very helpful and would enjoy being able to assist you in this process. In the interest of confidentiality, we suggest contacting them directly, but please let them know you are working with Orfield Design & Construction on your home remodel project!

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