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Photography by LLOS of Orfield Design & Construction, Inc.


HOME LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN 

After Orfield Design

We were contacted by this client after they attempted to sell their home and although a lot of interest was received due to its large size and several very nicely finished spaces, there was consistent feedback on several areas that needed improvement. We suggested practical and cost-conscious design solutions and implemented the construction so they could put their home back on the market very quickly.

After our initial visit the customers said: “It was really great to see you (Laura) and Ron again; your presence brought back lots of good feelings with us as well, not only because you are wonderful to work with, but also because you all did such a great job with our basement 4 1/2 years ago. We had a few contractors come by to give estimates, and we are feeling pretty confident that we would like to work with Orfield again.”

The loft area from the 2nd floor vaulted ceiling over the 1st floor kitchen created a distinctive element that was a rare “find” in this older neighborhood. However, the death-defying ladder between the spaces and the ivy planter with lattice work were both unsightly and dangerous. These were removed and a clean custom wood railing was fitted, thereby instilling a feeling of safety and an unobstructed view.

Besides this new railing, we made other minor home improvements in other areas, such as cedar plank boards were replaced by new drywall on the walls and ceiling of the existing 1st floor bathroom, floor to ceiling mirrors were removed from a bedroom, missing trim was installed in various rooms, and some new appliances, additional cabinets and countertop area in the kitchen greatly improved the layout and make this home a gem for new buyers!