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Kitchen Gallery: Set 24


Photography by Adrienne Page Photography

HOME LOCATION: Bloomington, MN  

After Orfield Design

The scope of this project was re-designing the existing first floor layout to create efficient and focused spaces. The former kitchen, dining room, and laundry were clustered and boxed into the interior of the home, devoid of any natural windows or direct pathways. We took the interior of this conservative single story rambler and turned it into a fresh contemporary showpiece with a functional layout and striking features.

The old kitchen was a boxy and isolated galley pass-through. Walls around the kitchen and dining room were removed and 2-tiered curved granite peninsula countertops now serve as the only separation between rooms. Highlights include professional-style appliances, Angola Black granite countertops and matching granite tile backsplash, custom stainless steel bar supports and peninsula legs. Impressive proof that clean, modern, and edgy can be as effective as traditional cozy when it comes to making the kitchen the sanctuary of the home.

As Featured In:
Coty 2006 Award: Kitchens $75,000 - $100,000;
Roma 2006 Award: Honorable Mention - Kitchens over 200 square feet;
Master Design 2006 Award: Bronze - Kitchens $50,000 - $100,000

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