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Kitchen Gallery: Set 54


Photography by Joy Watson of Modern Joy Photography


After Orfield Design

Our client looked to us for guidance on removing a bulky pantry closet from the center of her townhomes kitchen, and creating a more streamlined, attractive and functional area that would still complement the existing kitchen and adjacent dining and living rooms. Our approved solution involved patching in the pre-finished cherry wood floors, patching the textured ceiling and walls where the closet was removed, moving and supplying new electrical for the under-cabinet light, switches & outlets, and moving two air ducts serving the upper floors from the old closet walls to their new hidden location in the back cabinet wall. The taller buffet-height lower cabinet now has two pull-out bins for garbage/recycling, a flip-down divided tray rack, deep drawer and built-in Whirlpool SS Microwave/Trim Kit. The upper cabinet has even more storage for cookbooks, laptop use and quick paper or mail sorting. The new painted cabinetry adorned with sleek hardware provides a refreshing contrast to the existing cherry kitchen cabinetry, black granite countertops and flooring with the unique Silver Sea Green Granite tying it all together. Our client now has efficient and ergonomically pleasing storage, in alignment with her true decorating style, and this relatively minor change makes the kitchen feel spacious!