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A History of Superior Residential Remodeling and Interior Design

After 35 years of business on referral-only basis in the metropolitan area, our clients have defined our company as being “without equal or rival”. The founders of Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. have been established as having “unusual or creative discernment or perception”!

In review of our Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we found that the major reasons clients select us is our friendly and helpful nature, sense of humor, value in cost for design, quality of workmanship, creativity, and family values. We all feel strongly about our representation of Orfield Design as a family company applying mutual respect for values and each employee and Sub-Contractors contribution to the finished project and customers satisfaction.


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    “New Homes Magazine for the Twin Cities & Suburbs” 1970's

About Orfield Design and Construction Owners

laura_orfieldLaura L. Orfield-Skrivseth is the current Co-Owner of Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. Her background includes moving her way up through large international companies and small partnerships as a business manager, developing organizational and legal processes for sales, marketing, management, employees, as well as human resources, corporate policy and structure. She took her business skills and creative design solutions and decided to partner with her father Ron Orfield in 2000. As a result she was able to develop a plan that has lead to the increase of the overall growth of Orfield Design & Construction, Inc. Laura is certified through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) as an Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer. As an invested homeowner, she completely remodeled her first house, built in 1944, inside and out. This massive project improved the neighborhood, the quality of living for her family, and greatly enriched the homes sale value. Laura continues to find value in personally investing in home improvements to her current, much larger Minnetonka residence. In appreciation of her rarely available “free” time, she loves to read, travel throughout the United States and internationally, as well as explore new family activities with her three very active children, husband, and dog!

Ron Orfield grew up in the Lake Harriet Linden Hills Community, working with his father on their various historical apartment buildings in St Paul. This hands-on education sparked Ron's interest in architecture and design. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota with a Degree in Architecture in 1969, Ron designed at architectural firms in England and United States for many years. He loved the accomplishment of watching a project go from design to build, so it was a natural transition to marry the design aspect with the construction to create specifically what the client had in mind. At this point, Ron decided to partner with his brother Henry, who was already in construction and they then incorporated Orfield Design & Construction in 1978. They worked in the residential remodeling industry on the historical properties in St Paul and Country Club area and expanded to the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Ron is referred for his courteous nature, creative and artistic designs, detailed finish and exquisite craftsmanship on projects. After returning from the Vietnam war with a Purple Heart Medal, Ron built his home on an empty lot in Edina in 1976, and has had fun redesigning and enlarging it ever since. He resides there with his wife and enjoys car racing, motorcycles, ships and traveling both locally and internationally.