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Our Process

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Process Contact

After we take note of your information we will schedule a time to come to your home & meet with you (typically within 1-2 weeks from initial phone conversation) & send an email confirmation that tells a little bit more about our company & what to expect.

We are available via phone or e-mail to meet in-person, at which point we discuss the overall, basic scope of your project. We like to hear about your home, your project ideas, what kind of vision you have for the finished result & how much you expect to invest in the project

Initial Site Visit:

The purpose of this complimentary consultation is to view the work area & obtain a visual of existing conditions & how they relate to what you would like to do. If possible, please have pictures & ideas of the style you would like to achieve. We ask you to describe the way you envision using the space on a daily basis, the overall feeling you want to acquire in the new space, & what you don’t want to change or preserve in the new rooms.

This brainstorming session with you typically brings out broad outlines & small details. We are able to offer new ideas after we see the space in person. We will take measurements & pictures of the existing home & leave with an idea of your goals, budget & timeline. At the end of this meeting we will also discuss next steps & which design fees would apply should you decide you want us to move forward with designing your project. Each project has a specified Design Fee for Phase One & Phase Two plans in accordance with the complexity that comes with each design-size & type of remodeling project.

Why sign the Design Authorization Form?

You will need a full set of working drawings in order to pull a permit & complete construction. Should you decide not to have us perform the construction, the Phase Two designs (which are necessary for obtaining comparable bids from contractors & obtaining permits from the city or engineering review) are yours to keep & our professional time invested into your project has therefore been compensated.

The Design Authorization Form helps you know that we are just as serious as you are in moving forward with detailed, well thought out plans & view your project as an important step in the growth of our relationship together.

Process Phase 1 Design
Phase 1 Design:

After receiving the signed Design Authorization Form & payment, we will come to your home to present you with an existing plan & a few proposed drawings. This initial set of plans is what we call Phase One of the design process. This first set of basic plans shows our company’s attention to detail & commitment to creating a design that fits your specific needs & desires. The initial drawing is what brings an abstract idea to a tangible beginning of your project by letting you visualize the possibilities. The Phase One design includes existing & proposed plan(s)/room layout(s); & various options when applicable. After we present the Phase One plans, some clients take time to review the various possibilities before meeting with us again to finalize Phase One. If necessary, we then make one set of minor revisions to the Phase One plans.

Process Phase 2 Design
Phase 2 Design:

Once the above phase is approved, we move to Phase Two of the design process. (Design Authorization Form) These working drawings include detailed plans with trade notes, dimensions, structural & finish details, electrical & mechanical notes, & interior/exterior elevations & structural sections where applicable. All trades need these in order to put together a fixed-cost price. Phase Two includes one set of minor revisions, if necessary.

Finish Selections:

We strongly suggest that you begin choosing flooring materials, plumbing fixtures, appliances or other aspects of the finish work at this stage of the process. Once you approve a final set of plans, you will need to take a copy of these with you to make selections. This is done by visiting showrooms from a list that we send you. Here you can check out samples to take home and compare to others that we bring to you. Making your selections at this point ensures that you can take your time in deciding what is out there that fits within your budget & the vision you see for your home, while allowing us to define the firm project costs. Doing this also helps expedite your construction timeline when you are ready to proceed.

While the plans will specify materials, some clients prefer our assistance in the actual detailed selection process at showrooms or on-site. That interior design consulting (Interior Design Form) is charged at an additional hourly rate. Services may then include: material, fixture, color, brand, size, & finish recommendations.

Process Pricing

After you approve the Phase Two working drawings, we then put together detailed cost specifications (Description of Work) & a contract. The cost specifications (Description of Work) are broken down by each trade, such as drywall, insulation, flooring, etc. & reflect the scope of included & excluded work, optional upgrades, allowances & their associated costs. These are typically listed in the order of construction so that it is easy for you to follow throughout the project.

Process Signed Contract
Signed Contract:

The contract payment draws are based upon the detailed cost specifications (Description of Work) & are billed upon completion of various stages of work & inspections. We develop a realistic timeline for you to follow throughout the project, giving you expectation deadlines & accommodating your personal schedule & holidays. We pull the permit, order the materials, & prepare for the job start. We will not start demolition until the major material/fixture selections have been finalized.

During the entire process we encourage you to ask questions, as we here to help. We want your finished project to be what you envisioned, down to the last detail, while we execute it with set deadlines, clear communication & daily organization.

Your Project Starts!

Our crews & sub-contractors are not only tops in the business, but you’ll also find them personable, professional, & helpful. We know them well, as we have been working with some of them for many years & trust the quality they bring to the job & respect they give to our clients. There will be specified on-site meetings with you during different phases of the construction. We pull all required Mechanical & Building Permits, & meet the city inspectors to make sure that work is progressing properly & in accordance with current building codes.

We are continually in contact with you throughout the project by email, phone & in person meetings regarding selections, scheduling, & various updates. Respecting your property, family & lifestyle, being organized, meeting timelines, & continually communicating with you are of primary importance to us.

Process Change Orders
Change Orders:

We would like to assure you that Change Orders are a natural part of the process & are necessary to record decisions you make throughout the project that add to, or deduct from, the contract pricing or simply verify the selections. Sometimes it is hard to envision a space when it’s on paper. When it is built during construction, it is easier to see, and then you may decide to add something or take something out. Change orders allow for the natural human right to change your mind & verify that you will be getting what you want in your project.

Interior Design

At this point, some clients take advantage of our industry discounts & professional Interior Design services. That interior design consulting (Interior Design Form) is charged at an additional hourly rate. We arrange to shop for, or with, you either online or on location, for furniture, artwork, floor coverings & other home décor to further complete your new space(s)!

What we bring to a project:

We take into consideration the style of your existing house, your lifestyle & your budget to create a design that is unique to your vision.

Communication/ Personal Attention:

We work back & forth with you via email, phone or meeting at your home to double check selections, obtain your approval on project phases, & tell you what to expect in the coming rough in or finish stages.


We set timelines & make sure that we do everything in our power to meet them or finish early! Selections are made clear with change orders & communicated to all applicable parties.


We believe each project is a team effort between us (Designer/General Contractor) client, & each sub-contractor working in your home. An open exchange of information & ideas is essential to a successful project.


We take ownership & pride in everything we say & do. We believe in high quality in both the products we use & the workmanship of our employees & sub-contractors.

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