About Faith’s Lodge

Faith’s Lodge is a retreat in which families who currently have children with critical illnesses or have lost a child due to a critical illness can go to rejuvenate and be with others who are going through the same life-altering experiences. Their facility contains walking trails, a private lake, and a memory garden to provide spaces for recreation, relaxation, and reflection. Orfield Design and Construction, Inc. took part in the Faiths Lodge fundraising event in Minneapolis, MN which was intended to raise awareness and support for the Faith’s Lodge. It was called “The Night Hope Begins”.

Orfield Design and Construction, Inc. donated two sets of designs at this special event. We agreed to meet, plan, and prepare architectural design plans for a home project up to 2,000 sq. ft. The value of each set of donated plans had a value of up to $1,800 depending on the size/type of project chosen. A large contribution was made to the Faith’s Lodge as the two sets of designs were a huge success at the silent auction and will benefit many families in need of love and support.

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