Home Location : Plymouth, MN
Home Built : 2003
Photographer : Orfield Design & Construction, Inc.

Summary :

So many of newer built homes have grand entrance foyers that contain large empty rooms immediately to the left or right (what may have been planned to be formal dining and sitting rooms). But because of the remote location in relationship to the kitchen or family rooms, and their immediate visibility upon entrance, many clients struggle with how to use these spaces. To solve that dilemma in this home, we were contacted to turn this room into a private home office.

The new office space provides the dedicated work space needed and allows direct access to the front door for deliveries and/or contacts to step right in without walking through the private home. With the addition of new tru-divided light glass French interior doors, natural light is shared between rooms and more importantly gives a working parent the ability to talk on the phone in relative quiet while being able to see what the kids are doing. New hardwood flooring eliminates plastic chair mats usually seen for chairs on carpet, keeps the space easy to clean, and offers flexibility in the rooms use for future resale.

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Client Testimonial :
48th Avenue North
Thanks again for all the help in finding ways to get us to a spot that fits with the budget we want to keep for this project. Thanks again for all your work to help find a solution that fits for us. For sure, you have been great to work with and we'd be happy to pass that along.

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