Home Location : Minnetonka, MN
Home Built : 1951
Photographer : Adrienne Page Photography

Summary :

Surface alterations provided a simple update to this kitchen. We installed new Cambria Victoria countertops, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and a tile floor where old indoor/outdoor carpeting used to be. A ceramic 4×4 tile backsplash between the owners re-varnished upper and lower natural oak cabinets adds a charming touch. New cabinet hardware with a small leaf motif, subtle leaf patterns in the tile and the leaves on the new lighting fixtures graciously carry the owners’ love of nature through the finished spaces.

Client Testimonial :
Clear Spring Terrace
Orfield Design & Construction has just made my living/working environment amazingly more wonderful… I always felt that you had my investment (in my home) at heart…and now I have an environment to live and work in that feels truly ME.

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