Home Location : Minneapolis, MN
Home Built : 1906
Photographer : Joy Watson, Momento Images

Summary :

This 136 sq. ft kitchen was in serious need of a remodel. We straightened the sagging floor with blocking, sistered floor joists and installed a subfloor, removed a wall and exterior entrance to enlarge the kitchen and relocate the fridge, added valuable storage, prep space, and a movable table, installed new windows and hand- milled trim/base to match the 1920’s era of the home. New wood floors, flat panel maple cabinets, Cambria countertops, and lighting, are accented by the rich paint color and make this kitchen a space the clients always wished for and truly love to be in.

Awards & Achievements :
Client Testimonial :
Dupont Avenue
Thank you for making our kitchen remodel turn out so successfully! Everyone was a pleasure to work with and the final product is everything we wanted it to be!

Scope & Objectives :

Function of space and matching the era of the 1920’s home while gaining modern amenities and efficiency was of most importance to the clients while remodeling this 136 sq. ft kitchen. They wanted a place to eat in the kitchen, needed storage, liked to cook, and needed new appliances as well as a stove hood that was vented to the exterior.

By eliminating the duplicate exterior side entrance to kitchen from the backyard, the owners gained a mudroom separate from the kitchen, and the kitchen design could now accommodate the new fridge location, more storage and a movable table.

Challenges & Solutions :

This kitchen was poorly remodeled 5 years ago by the previous owners. The tile floor and countertops were done incorrectly, there was no existing subfloor and the floor joists sagged. Subsequently there was a large “dip” in the room across the tile floor and the existing cabinet drawers and doors stuck, did not work properly, and the existing tile countertops had cracked in several locations due to the structural sagging. To straighten the sagging floor we installed solid blocking to the floor joists, sistered 2×6’s alongside of the existing floor joists, cut and installed a new plywood sub floor.

The existing layout had a large fridge in between the dining room and kitchen, in front of a window, a space that was formerly a walkthrough pantry area. We removed the wall at the kitchen side so that the window could be inside the kitchen and designed the fridge in a new accessible and attractive location.

We installed a new wood floor, new flat panel maple cabinets, Cambria countertops, recessed, pendant and under cabinet lighting, raised existing window openings and installed new Marvin wood windows, and hand-milled base and casing in this room to match the homes existing 1920’s woodwork. The floor to 9 foot ceiling pantry with key drop area and cabinets further enhanced the storage and appearance of this vibrant kitchen.

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