Home Location : Minneapolis, MN
Home Built : 1948
Photographer : Joy Watson, Modern Joy Photography

Featured In :

“Market Insight: Pros and Cons of Offering Help with Project Financing” By Rob Heselbarht, Editorial Director. Qualified Remodeler Magazine, June 2013

Client Testimonial :
Fulton Neighborhood
Thank you so much for all your hard work and vision on completing the renovation of our house. You started the process of making it our home, something we are continuing to do. We loved your attention to detail, your thoughtful suggestions, and your patience with us (and the small ones!), your hardworking tradespeople, and above all the care with which you made this all happen! We are thoroughly enjoying living at (our home) and are thrilled at its transformation.

Scope & Objectives :

  • To complete in the fastest timeframe for this new internationally relocated family
  • Accommodate overseas guests with main-level living amenities.
  • Elevate the bathroom seamlessly to match previously completed high-end projects on other levels and respect the original 1940’s architectural scale.
  • Use every inch of space frugally within the confines of this conservatively built home, while including every amenity expected in this desirable neighborhood.
  • Retain the outdoor relationship of natural window light, while brightening the interior with well-placed finishes.
  • Use earthy finishes and subtle textures in neutral colors consistently throughout to provide a calming retreat that stand up to an active lifestyle with children, while retaining a semblance of formality for guests.

Challenges & Solutions :

  • Space was at a premium on every level of this home, especially in the bathroom.
  • Placement of the door to this room created an irritable wall jog. By moving the door over 6” we gained a straight wall furthering the sense of normalcy.
  • An unsightly exposed duct chase ran through the bathroom so we moved it into the wall.
  • We captured the small 2’ x 2’ adjacent guest bedrooms closet and then built a new larger closet on the other interior wall in return.
  • For inexplicable reasons, the old toilet floor rough in was nearly 4” away from the wall. There was barely 18” from the round-front toilet to the side of the old tub. Moving that back added cost but gained valuable real estate.
  • By installing a clear glass pane between the shower & linen, an enclosed shower feels roomier and sunnier.
  • Custom cabinetry solutions add an important countertop and address linen storage inside the bathroom.
  • To keep the tight space dry, we swung the shower door so that it opens into the widest part of the room, while placing the shower controls on a wall that allows the user to be shielded from overspray when initially testing water temperature.
  • Maximizing functional everyday use and creating a stunning guest bath, the new configuration required all angles/dimensions to be well planned and executed for net clearance results (1” between shower door and pedestal).
  • Tile wainscot on all wall resists the wear-and-tear that would quickly happen in this highly used room, maintaining its beauty forever!

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