Home Location : St. Paul, MN
Home Built : 1927
Photographer : Imagescape Photography

Summary :

This 1927 vintage kitchen needed an update. We completed a full kitchen & pantry remodel and added modern amenities to this older home. This remodel was designed to be the ‘working’ part of the house, where the family could do its daily living.  Space-saving ideas were designed into this kitchen such as a spice rack, cutting boards, roll-out shelving, and the rear-entry doubles as a mini-Pantry area to allow for storage overflow.

Client Testimonial :
Highland Neighborhood
The homeowners are thrilled with the new design and refer Orfield all the time! This client rated us as ’outstanding’ in reliability, competence, responsiveness and design

Scope & Objectives :

When designing the new space, functionality and aesthetic appeal was foremost in the minds of the homeowners. The new remodel accommodates for all daily activities and functions without appearing cramped and this space is maintained as the heart of their home.

The homeowners wanted to create a warm, welcoming space that discarded the “cramped” feel of the original house without losing its character and charm. The existing hallway door was removed and a graceful arch was created in its place to mirror the rest of the homes details. New hardwood flooring was installed to allow for continuous visual flow of space.

We completed a full kitchen and pantry remodel that is finished with new maple flat panel cabinets, natural hardwood floors, and Charcoal Essence laminate countertops. All appliances are JennAir stainless steel with pulls to match the cabinet doors. 

Challenges & Solutions :

We were confined to working within the existing walls and doorways of the home and therefore had to maximize the feel and function in the minimum amount of space. We made sure that the remodeled kitchen complimented the existing homes detailing and rich décor without conflicting with the existing home. The client gave us a starting deadline of completing this project prior to their wedding in two months. All project decisions were made by these fiancées while in the throes of planning their wedding.

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