Home Location : Minneapolis, MN
Home Built : 1940
Photographer : Bob French, Ruckus Interactive LLC

Summary :

The client requested a complete update of an aged and deteriorated small bathroom on the second floor to use it both as a General Bath and Master Bath, while accentuating the rich traditional style of the existing 1940’s home.

Awards & Achievements :

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Scope & Objectives :

Orfield not only designed the space for this client, but also selected all the decorative elements of this elegant bathroom. Satin nickel fixtures and Prairie Green granite countertops were chosen to enhance the rich stain of the custom mahogany. 

Challenges & Solutions :

To find adequate space to accommodate all the features that the client desired, we eliminated the entrance  vestibule/linen closet to the bathroom which enlarged the space by a vital 3’x6’ allowing room for extended vanity  and shower. The solution to the lost linen storage was to build a 12’ long closet into an adjoining large secondary bedroom. This provided the bedroom with a normal closet.

Moving the location of the whirlpool to the exterior wall provided a natural focal point for the room and created the opportunity to install a 3-wide window for abundant natural light. This also provided room on one wall for WC and Shower on the other wall for the large curved front vanity.

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