Home Location : Lino Lakes, MN
Home Built : 1994
Photographer : Joy Watson, Modern Joy Photography

Summary :

This master bathroom was typical of a 1994 “new build”. Although it was a showcase home back then, it is not current fashion. The original bathroom was typical of that period with stained oak woodwork, bland beige colors, drop-in sinks, brass accessories & popcorn drywall ceilings.

The full divider wall became a half wall and we installed a unique interior corner framed solution for the shower plumbing piping & controls.

The new vanity & countertop kicked off new tub panel access doors, & granite also used as shampoo shelves, ½ wall top, shower curb cap, & continuous pencil rail at the wainscot.

Using simple finishes in intricate material arrangements, we were able to unite masculine & feminine, creating a master bathroom to be appreciated & displayed as an impressive haven!

Awards & Achievements :
Client Testimonial :
Pheasant Hills Drive
It was a pleasure working with you. If we have another project we will be in contact.

Scope & Objectives :

The owners desired not only an update & more light, but also the most important thing: make the shower feel larger!

This proved to be a challenge because the shower was wedged between the interior bathroom pocket door (which the owners did not want to change to swinging), an exterior wall (which we could not put water pipes in) & the existing alcove whirlpool tub (which was not changing).

We therefore took the full divider wall between the shower & tub down to a half wall with a new glass panel, & created a unique interior corner framed solution for the shower plumbing piping & controls. An added bonus, this also made the temperature controls easier for the user to test before getting into the shower.

This tight shower area described did not allow for any towel bars within reach, so we included a horizontal back-to-back towel bar/handle on the framed shower door.

During rough framing & mechanical work in the attic over the bathroom, we discovered a moisture problem: positional damage to the existing fiberglass batt-insulation, & mold/ice on the underside of the roof sheathing.

The prior installation of the bath fan ducting let moisture laden air escape on the interior of the attic at the connection to the roof jack & at the seams themselves. This moisture created blackened mold on the underside of the roof sheathing, & badly affected the quality of the insulation, filling it with moisture & reducing its R-value (resistance to heat loss).

With the new fan ducting, a proper connection to the roof jack was installed, fitted securely, silicone & all the seams on the solid ducting were taped so no moisture could escape into the attic.

Challenges & Solutions :

To address the existing damaged area we removed the sheetrock, poly & insulation at the soffit over the tub & shower area. Cleaned the roof sheathing underside with mold inhibitor, & strengthened the structure by installing 2×6 cross bridging between trusses 12” on center, for 3-4 feet. Then, new batt insulation & 4 mil poly was installed BUT in addition, we sealed all edges to existing & around electrical wall & ceiling fixtures so no moisture could enter the attic area, then we could proceed with finish drywall smooth ceilings!

The original built-in vanity had a toe-kick supply air that the new white standing legged vanity would not accommodate so this changed to a floor supply with a directional cover. Recessed lighting & new vanity lights over & between the sinks help keep the shadows away.

The new pre-fabricated vanity came with under mount sinks & black granite countertop. To integrate this item & customize the bathroom design, our cabinet-maker fabricated new tub panel access doors at the whirlpool to match. In addition, we used black granite as shampoo shelves, on the half wall top, on the shower curb cap, & as a continuous granite pencil rail that runs around the entire bathroom at wainscot height, including behind & around the vanity as a splash.

Using Bati Orient black sliced polished pebble shower floor & simple tones of “white naturale”, “pewter”, “grey huskie”, “silver chain”, & brushed nickel finishes with the intricate material arrangements, we were able to harmoniously unite masculine & feminine, creating a master bathroom to be enjoyed & shown as an impressive haven!

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