Home Location : St. Louis Park, MN
Home Built : 1962
Photographer : Joy Watson, Momento Images

Summary :

Cheap white Formica countertops, tile, and wallpaper were the only upgrades this 40 square foot bathroom had seen since the original construction. Outdated plumbing was leaking, and lacked shutoffs. Electrical was not to code and there was poor lighting in addition to improper bath fan venting. These mechanical problems were all fixed and improved during the remodel. For the tile, cabinets, glass shelves, and plumbing to come out in a visually seamless pattern, a large amount of planning was done.

We wanted the bathroom to have graceful lines with ultimate function. This is reflected in the handmade cherry vanity and linen cabinet with curved flush doors. The sleek Granite countertop has a cutout for ease of waste disposal. Small details such as the soft curve of the brushed nickel cabinet hardware, and the matching accessories complete this stylish bathroom.

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Client Testimonial :
Triangle Neighborhood
They were very prompt, professional and did an excellent job. Everything went just as expected and they worked very well with other jobs occurring at the same time.

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