Home Location : Minneapolis, MN
Home Built : 1904
Photographer : Adrienne Page Photography

Summary :

We were to update this second floor bathroom and add storage while maintaining the original homes style. The newly remodeled bathroom while being fresh, clean, and updated, still blends well with the rest of the home. The clients did not want to add another bathroom to the home, or spend too much on the remodel of this bathroom for fear of overvaluing their home in the neighborhood in which they live, so they decided to go for economical yet tasteful updates

Awards & Achievements :

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Scope & Objectives :

  • Update bathroom to match quality and character of rest of home
  • Obtain more storage
  • Integrate antique elements such as HVAC grate, stained glass window, and existing claw foot tub

Challenges & Solutions :

  • Location and small size constraints of bathroom did not allow for layout changes or options
  • Existing floors pitched and walls tilted with homes natural sag over time
  • Modifications needed to be made in order to incorporate antique details
  • Bathroom was so small and there was no room to expand the bathroom on any side. Behind the sink and toilet fixtures wall is the stairwell from the first floor, the wall on the tub side is the exterior of the home, and outside the medicine chest wall is the narrow hallway. Due to the bathroom size confines, we could not get current code required clearances between plumbing fixtures, and obtained a variance from the inspectors to complete the remodel with clearances only between 2 fixtures
  • Reused homes original claw foot tub, refinished it and brought its plumbing drain and faucet fixture up to code
  • Raised and leveled floor in bathroom and used white hex tile traditional to the homes era
  • Gained some additional storage in the bathroom by bumping out walls into adjacent room for a new bathroom linen cabinet: a floor to ceiling custom linen with glass doors, and inset doors and drawers
  • We could not install a recessed medicine chest behind pedestal sink as is customary because of the soil pipe location; therefore we moved it to the side wall so additional storage could be captured
  • Reused homeowners existing trim, and baseboard and casing and pieces were missing so we had to hand mill pieces to match the rest of the homes trim
  • Baseboard HVAC grate behind pedestal sink is actually an antique floor grate; all other rooms in the house have these grate covers and they have been trimmed around in this fashion, therefore it was important to the owners to do this in the bathroom as well
  • Antique stained glass window supplied by owners during the project did not have a jamb or frame so we applied these necessary items and installed it at the end of the tub in owners location of choice, adding an additional eye-catching element

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