Home Location : Eden Prairie, MN
Home Built : 1975
Photographer : Adrienne Page Photography

Summary :

This 1975 Eden Prairie split-level home has elegant vaulted ceilings.  We enhanced this feature by removing the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining and living rooms. In place of these walls the remodeled kitchen features a natural maple island topped with yellow classic granite.  These changes as well as adding stainless steel appliances, glass cabinet doors, and under cabinet lights contributed to transforming this into an open space with wonderful lighting and a great view of the golf course. 

Showcased in this kitchen are natural “honey oak” hardwood floors, handmade maple cabinets with full overlay panel doors, and strategically placed pendants illuminating the new “yellow classic” granite countertops on the island that comfortably seats six.

We took an outdated, small, dark kitchen and open it up to the adjacent sunny living and dining rooms to create a trendy and interactive space! The new design meets the owners’ practical needs and their entertaining life-style. Guests seated in the dining room or family room are now a welcome part of the hosts’ preparations in this transformed kitchen!

Awards & Achievements :

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Scope & Objectives :

This traditional 1975 split-level home had all the original architectural details which dated the home. The new open design allows for the current, practical life-style function that not only the existing owners needed, but also potential future buyers desire. 

All the old wall-to-wall carpeting was removed and natural “honey oak” hardwood floors were installed. Natural handmade maple cabinets with flat panel doors and slab drawers are carefully placed with the new JennAir stainless steel appliances along with the attractive “yellow classic” granite countertops, now offering an inviting warmth.

Natural lighting is balanced by soft under-cabinet and pendant lighting, strategically positioned over the new maple island that comfortably seats six.

Challenges & Solutions :

This split-level home had vaulted ceilings that were masked by the 1975 dark heavy 6×8” cedar beams that had been partially covered up by a dropped ceiling in the kitchen area only. Structural engineering was utilized to repair seven ceiling trusses above the kitchen area to support loads that were previously handled by the removed kitchen support walls.

A small but essential creative solution was inserting a handmade 3” Maple spacer behind the Faber stove hood so that ducting was properly aligned with the vault and stove underneath.

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