Home Location : Bloomington, MN
Home Built : 1951
Photographer : Adrienne Page Photography

Summary :

The scope of this project was re-designing the existing first floor layout to create efficient and focused spaces. The former kitchen, dining room, and laundry were clustered and boxed into the interior of the home, devoid of any natural windows or direct pathways. We took the interior of this conservative 1950’s single story rambler and turned it into a fresh contemporary showpiece with a functional layout and striking features.

Awards & Achievements :

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Scope & Objectives :

Walls around the kitchen and dining room had to be removed in order to gain access to natural lighting. The existing walls that we removed supported the rafter tails of the structural roof trusses, therefore we installed a girder truss flush with the ceiling at removed walls to support the rambler’s roof.

Due to the existing layout of the homes rooms, we had to be cautious that the new design kept direct access to all entrance doors, and hallway to the back bedrooms. Another design requirement was maintaining direct relationships with the dining & living rooms, while creating a central point in the home.

The homeowners wanted us to address their practical needs of space, storage, and function, and create a dynamic gathering place for guests. This was accomplished by the newly-designed open relationship with the living & dining rooms. The old kitchen was a boxy and isolated galley pass-through. The fresh 2-tiered curved granite countertops now serve as the only separation between rooms, inviting visual excitement and functionality. The new contemporary kitchens floor-to-ceiling handmade maple cabinets and streamlined peninsula create a circular room that embraces you as well as provides ample room for storage.

This project is impressive proof that clean, modern, and edgy can be as effective as traditional cozy when it comes to making the kitchen the sanctuary of the home. Highlights include professional-style appliances, Angola Black granite countertops and matching granite tile backsplash, custom stainless steel bar supports and peninsula legs.

The effect is reinforced by the under-cabinet and rope lighting at the toe-level of the peninsula supported by custom stainless steel legs on a bright Pergo maple floor. At night, this gives the magnificent illusion of floating cabinetry.

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