Home Location : Edina, MN
Home Built : 1949
Photographer : Joy Watson, Modern Joy Photography

Summary :

This was the 6th project we did for this family in their 1949 home – including two major additions & other minor improvements. The existing porch was dark & underutilized: enclosed on 3 sides with a dark a wood ceiling & only a small skylight for sun. The family wanted a more open & inviting space for their family & guests to enjoy.

This 3rd major project included a new dining room addition to capture the space from the old porch, which required a new supporting retaining wall. To tie in with the previous living room addition, a new 16’x16’ flat roof was installed with metal roof edging & 5” heavy gauge aluminum gutters. A 16’x16’ concrete slab was poured with rebar to tie into existing walls for the new addition. The concrete was extended out 14’x18’ for a Prairie Tan colored patio. To provide the freshly landscaped backyard a clean update, the new patio slab was stamped to look like slate.

The landscape update included removing the old block wall on the side of the porch & excavating the ground to make room for the new dining room addition. 25 large 36”-48” boulders were fixed into the side of the yard with 3 tons of river rock at the base. Brush & weed removal, new Hostas, stone steps, mulch & sod revive the yard to a welcoming & attractive place for guests.

The existing exterior 4-wide slide-by kitchen door was reused at the dining room backyard opening. A round top Anderson window with custom curved window casing soften the linear look of the rear of the home.

To help brighten the existing & new spaces, recessed lighting with dimmers were installed in the kitchen, living room & dining room. Contemporary bronze light fixtures frame the new exterior dining room opening.

The hardwood floors throughout the rest of the home were carried out in the new dining room, as well as the existing formerly-carpeted living room. The Red Oak was finished to match existing and seamlessly connect the old & new. To match the front entry foyer tile, discontinued Galaxy Mocha tile was shipped from an East Coast warehouse for the rear entry. The same shape of the arch window was reflected on the rear entry floor, with a Corian sill at the door complementing the limited quantity of tile that was remaining.

Soft Satin & Serengeti Sand paint colors unite the existing & new rooms, making the space warm & inviting. Both family & guests can now enjoy the expanded interior space, as well as the refreshed landscaped backyard.

Awards & Achievements :

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Client Testimonial :
Morningside Neighborhood
They (Orfield) were very confident in getting the project finished in the short time frame that we had. They were always on time during the process. Communication was always open and was positive.

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