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After Orfield Design

The main entrance mudroom was used as a pass-through because it lacked a soft transition from the outside into the rest of the home. With 2 teenagers, a busy mom, & a husband who conference often from a dedicated home office, this lacked privacy, sound control thereby feeling intrusive. The sightline was an immediate view of the kitchen, the basement stairwell door as well as an unused room that felt cut off from the others. The main entrance room was very cold because the former owners had converted an unheated porch into living space so this room did not have much insulation or a true foundation for heating ducts to run.

This entrance rooms’ attraction as well as its challenges were all the window & door openings. Because of its direct relationship to the kitchen, it was also being used as their dining room so the table caused even further traffic congestion! The un-purposed room next to it was the main path from the entryway back to the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, so it became the dumping ground for backpacks, briefcases, or anything else in transit.

This home had a large amount of space but lacked proper circulation, a designation of purpose/layout that the general population typically desires to function comfortably. Our first challenge was the instruction that absolutely all work had to take place within the confines of the existing structure – NO exterior openings on this stucco home were to be affected even though the owners wanted to replace the old slide-by patio door from the mudroom to the deck. By selecting a new Bayer-Built smooth fiberglass door & sidelight with internal raise/tilt/lower blinds in its place, we were able to gain a place for mudroom bench seating with shoe storage. The second caveat was that we had to stay with the original homes unusual finish combination of white exterior windows/doors framed by oak casing & trim.

To create a proper mudroom main entrance with purpose to each space within the existing confines of the remaining structure, we started by building a wall to separate the entry from adjacent rooms.  This provided us with one solid wall to create 3 full storage closets with custom rollout shelving & hanging storage. New insulation was blown in between the wall studs around the entire room with electric floor warming heat cables installed under the new Mannington 12x12 Cairo porcelain floor tiles. Building the new wall meant removing a kitchen pantry cabinet that her father had built, but we had the idea to save their keepsake by reusing it in their current laundry room which also solved their need for organized storage!

New 6-panel oak solid core doors replaced the old slab hollow core, other wall openings were enlarged & furniture rearranged so that they could have an official 6-8 person formal dining & inviting living room. Just by removing the small galley kitchens end wall, this gained a connection to the other rooms to borrow their vast natural light. In the kitchen, & up to the dining, living & mudroom transitions, the layers of old vinyl flooring with extra underlayment were removed so that new Mannington Adura luxury vinyl 16x16 tiles with grout could be installed. These changes generated upgrades to surface mounted lighting fixtures, new custom-made oak base cabinet toe-kicks & upper cabinet crown molding, new appliance fillers & Formica countertop end panels.

At the end of the project, this conservative family appreciated the design plan; project management & constructions end result: “ It looks good. It sure came out nice.  It's nice to have a mudroom and a room with good purpose. Regards, Pat & Jan”